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Dara Summers: Office Manager

After attending the University of Nebraska in Omaha and completing travel school, Dara Summers went to work in customer service for American Eagle, Midwest Express and Southwest Airlines. After leaving the industry, Dara got introduced to V Wealth through her financial advisor. Soon enough, she went from being a client to a valued team member whose versatility is second to none. “I have lots of roles here and enjoy the variety of tasks and the independence the leadership team gives me,” Dara said.

When she’s not building better business and technology solutions in the office, Dara likes to apply the same can-do mindset to home improvement and DIY. The hard work she puts into refinishing patio furniture and tiling floors helps her build up an appetite for a well-deserved steak at J Alexanders, which would be her choice if she could only eat at one restaurant again. Her favorite vacation ever was on a Disney cruise, which she said, “Kept my kids entertained the whole time and was very well organized.” Those children are now fully grown, with 21-year-old Jake studying political science at Kansas State University and 19-year-old Sydney pursuing a nursing degree at the University of Arkansas.