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Every family who entrusts us with their wealth management has different needs. For a business owner often a big concern is “how do I allocate my money between growing my business, creating an outside income stream from my investments, and saving for retirement”? For the person who is a corporate employee it is often “how can I leverage my company’s various options to maximize their benefit to my family”? 

Additionally each family is at a different stage in life with different responsibilities. You want to work with an advisor who is a true financial confidante to your family and knows the personal and subjective information that makes your family unique.

When Tom Blumer and I established V Wealth Management in 2009 our purpose was to be the independent firm you looked to as your primary resource about how all wealth management decisions can impact your family’s prosperity – today and into future generations. 

Here at V Wealth Management we practice our motto: In Veritas Prospera – In Truth, There is Prosperity. We may not tell you what you want to hear; but we will explain to you what steps and actions are needed to achieve and maintain your vision of prosperity. 

We can provide overall wealth management solutions to those with more complex financial needs and situations. We have strategically added various members to our team to bring additional expertise to your family, or organization, in specific areas where you face multiple factors and implications with a financial decision. 

We promote collaboration with your affiliated professionals s such as your CPA, personal or estate attorney, and P&C insurance brokers. If you have these people in place, we are happy to work with them. If not, we work with several outstanding professionals in these areas and it would be our pleasure to introduce you to them.

Wise stewardship of your family’s prosperity starts with V Wealth Management.  If you would like to learn more, my office can be reached at 913-827-4600.

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