Patt Stansberry

The backbone of any investment plan is making wise choices with the stocks you will hold in your portfolio. With four decades as a financial advisor I have seen many market changes, but have found my approach to stock selection, and the value of a personally managed portfolio has not changed. 

A personally managed portfolio provides you with three benefits:

  • Transparency – unlike a packaged investment approach where usually only the top 10 stocks holdings are named, you know exactly what, and how much of your money is invested in each company you own.
  • Accountability – When I manage your portfolio it offers you a level of accountability from your manager, Patt Stansberry, not found when large companies are managing a portfolio for thousands of people. 
  • Consistency- Starting with quantative and qualitative analysis I design portfolios that give you stock choices based on your style as an investor, your needs for current dividend income vs. growth, and your comfort level with risk.  

You worked hard for your money. My responsibility – and promise – to you is wise guidance with your stock selections to ensure that what you earned is protected and continues to benefit your family today and into the future. 

Here at V Wealth we provide overall wealth management solutions. Various member of our team bring additional expertise to your family, or organization, in specific areas where you face multiple factors and implications with a financial decision. 

We promote collaboration with your affiliated financial professionals such as such as your CPA, personal or estate attorney, P&C insurance brokers. If you have these people in place, we are happy to work with them. If not, we work with several outstanding professionals in these areas and it would be our pleasure to introduce you to them.

I encourage you to contact me to discuss if we may be a better choice for your needs. My office can be reached by telephone at 573-447-7010 or email me,

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